Raj Jain, "Protocols for multimedia on the Internet," Nortel, Canada, October 1, 1997

Several working groups in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) have been working on various aspects of multimedia over IP. This tutorial talk will cover the recent protocols developed by these working groups. IETF is designing two new services in addition to the current best effort service. These "integrated" services will provide some performance guarantees. Signaling is being added to IP via the so called Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP), which allows users to tell the network their service requirements. Yet another protocol called Internet Group Multicast Protocol (IGMP) allows receivers to join a multicast. New protocols are also being developed to allows efficient transport of multimedia. These include real-time transport protocol (RTP), Real-time transport control protocol (RTCP), and Real-time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). In this talk, the above mentioned protocols will be explained and the IP approach will be compared with that of ATM.

This talk covers the following topics:

Presentation slides in Adobe Acrobat Format: 1 slide/page

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