Internet 3.0: The Next Generation Internet

A talk at HP Labs, Palo Alto, CA, November 19, 2009

The goal of Internet 3.0 is to develop an architecture that explicitly recognizes users and contents and their economic relationships. This will allow new class of requirements to be expressed and will shape the services that the network can provide enabling new business models and applications, e.g., user-to-content connections enable users to continue using data (e.g., watching a movie) as they move, change devices, handle disruptions.

Web 2.0 has shown that every user wants to have control. The key to innovation in the Future Internet will be a strengthening of rights and obligations of the diverse owners of network components that include devices and content. Economic reality of the Internet requires network to provide means of enforcement and negotiation of policies including security, privacy, quality of service, energy efficiency in presence of mobility and disruptions.

Internet 1.0 (till 1989) has no concept of ownership since the entire research network was owned and operated by one organization. The operations and protocols were designed for algorithmic optimization. With commercialization of Internet in 1989 resulted in multiple ownership of networking infrastructure in what we call Internet 2.0. One key impact of ownership is that communication is based on policies (rather than algorithmic optimization) as is seen in inter-domain (BGP) routing. We are seeing this trend of multiple ownership to continue from infrastructure to hosts/devices, users, and content. Internet 3.0's goal is to allow policy based communication that is aware of different policies at the granularity of users, content, hosts, or infrastructure.

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