Internet 3.0: Ten Problems with Current Internet Architecture and a Proposal for the Next Generation

A talk given at Cisco, San Jose, August 2, 2007

Internet has changed the way we work and live and has contributed positively to the growth of business and industry. Nonetheless, many parts of the Internet architecture were developed 30+ years ago. In these 30 years, we have learnt a lot about networking and packet switching. Is this the way we would design the Internet if we were to start it now? This talk is an attempt to answer this question raised by US National Science Foundation, which has embarked on the design of the next generation Internet testbed called GENI.

In this talk, we will point out key problems with the current Internet Architecture and proposed directions for the solutions. In particular, the next generation of Internet has to be commerce friendly. It has to be designed to meet the needs of businesses, organizations, and governments. The first generation was designed by researchers for research. The design team did an excellent job resulting in its adoption by the masses. The next generation Internet should build on this success, keep the best ideas of the past and add features that will help businesses, organizations, and governments utilize it in the same way they utilize other methods of communication and transport and have the same or superior level of flexibility. Ten such problems and proposed solutions will be presented in this talk.

This presentation covers the following topics:

Presentation slides in Adobe Acrobat Format: 1 slide/page

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