Raj Jain, Arjan Durresi, "Cloud-Based Distributed High-Speed Application Delivery," A poster presentation at NSF US Ignite Workshop, Kansas City, KS, November 3-4, 2011.


Most future high-speed applications are expected to be based on cloud computing. The key trend driving the growth of Internet over the last decade is the profusion of services over the Internet. Google, Facebook, YouTube and similar services form the bulk of the Internet traffic. Cloud computing and proliferation of mobile devices has lead to further growth in distributed services over the Internet.

Most Ignite application are expected to be distributed and hence have multiple points of attachment to the network. Requiring a single IP address for application service providers (ASPs) like www.google.com, or www.bankofamerica.com goes against the basic nature of such applications. Also, these applications need network enhencements to handle replication, fault tolerance, quality of service, and traffic engineering in its WAN.

All large distributed businesses with multiple offices such as banks, government services (e.g., Internal Revenue Service), chain stores (e.g., Walmart), face this problem. DNS manipulation may solve the name to address translation problem but does not provide features such as fault tolerance, load balancing, and other features that ASPs require.

Poster in Adobe Acrobat format.

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