WiMAX System Level Modeling

Invited presentation at Invited presentation, Design and Development Forum, IEEE Globecom 2007, Washington, DC, November 26-30, 2007. The contributors are: Raj Jain (Washington University in Saint Louis), Sampad Misra, Roopa Venkateswaran, Raj Iyengar, Sharath Krishnaiyer, David Doria, Shiv Kalyanaraman and Biplab Sikdar (RPI), Richard Rouil, Nada Golmie (NIST), Shyam Parekh (Alcatel-Lucent), and Tom Tofigh (AT&T). (The presentation was given by Nada Golmie and is listed in the program with the title of WiMAX NS-2 Simulator Design: Challenges in PHY/MAC Modeling to Support Scalable System Simulation)

This presentation covers the following topics:

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