Raj Jain, "Performance and Traffic Management of Internet Protocols on ATM Networks," Microsoft, Redmond, WA, August 27, 1997, Also at Digital Equipment Corporation, Littleton, MA, November 22, 1996, Naval Research Laboratory, October 21, 1996, South-Western Bell, Austin, TX, September 30, 1996

The trend toward increasing link bandwidths, processor speeds, and memory sizes has helped fuel the congestion problem and has made it the key performance issue in the design of networking protocols. Issues that effect the congestion scheme design for ATM networks are addressed. In particular, we will discuss the benefits of the available bit rate (ABR) service for large networks. The performance of Internet protocols (TCP/IP) over ABR and unspecified bit rate (UBR) service will also be presented. Initial work on quality of service and performance management of ATM networks was based on cell-level metrics such as cell loss ratio (CLR), cell delay variation (CDV), and cell transfer delay (CTD). It has now been realized that these metrices are not meaningful for most of Internet traffic. Users view of performance is frame level and so ATM Forum has recently started working on defining frame-level metrics. These metrics and how they will help service providers measure their own performance will be explained. We will also briefly discuss other ATM related research at the Ohio State University.

This talk covers the following topics:

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