Network Virtualization and Application Delivery Using Software Defined Networking

Keynote at Huawei Strategy and Technology Workshop, Santa Clara, CA, March 19, 2013.

Abstract: Virtualization has become an important part of not only computing but of our lives in general. Virtualization is the key to the current success and rise of Cloud services. Of course, a key component in any virtualization is the network. There have been significant advances in network virtualization in the last few years starting with virtualization of network interfaces, network switches, data center networks, and now the global Internet. This talk emphasizes the need for network virtualization, presents a summary of recent developments and ends with a presentation on our own research on open application delivery (OpenADN). In our research we are working on virtualizing the global Internet so that businesses and enterprises can have a global presence with multiple clouds from different cloud service providers and partition their application dynamically as if it was in a single private data center. We show how principles of software defined networking including centralization of control, simplification of hardware, clearly defined northbound and southbound APIs help in global application delivery.

This talk covers the following topics:

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