K. Ramadas and Raj Jain, "Redundant Switch Fabric Methods and System for Switching of Telecommunication Signals," U.S. Patent No. 6,836,353, Issued December 28, 2004, Filed November 20, 2001.


An optical switching system and method. The method includes tapping a first portion of an incoming data beam from an incoming source; and transferring the incoming data beam from the incoming source to a first path provided by a first MEMS based switching fabric. The method also transfers a monitoring source to monitor a second path of provided by second MEMS based switch fabric, while the second path of the second MEMS based switch fabric is in a stand by mode. A step of tapping a second portion of an outgoing data beam provided by the first MEMS based switching fabric is also included. The method determines if a process condition of the first path by at least the second portion of the outgoing data beam.

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