Yang, H., Ramakrishnan, K. K., Spinney, B., Jain, R., "Frame Removal Mechanism Using End Delimiter Frames For Token Ring Network [Station for Connection to a Computer Network],"US Patent No. 5,477,540, Issued December 19, 1995, Filed May 08, 1992, Assigned to Digital Equipment Corp.


A system for stripping frames transmitted by a station on a token ring network is disclosed. During operation of the system, the station receives a grant of permission to transmit onto the network. In an example embodiment, the grant of permission is a token. After receipt of the grant of permission to transmit, the station transmits one or more information frames onto the network. Upon transmission of the information frames, station stops forwarding frames received from the network, thus removing received frames from the network. Removing received frames from the network is referred to as `stripping`. Following transmission of the information frames, the station transmits an end strip delimiter frame onto the network. Upon receipt of the end strip delimiter frame, the station terminates stripping. In an example embodiment, the system is used in a bridge station, the bridge station connecting a first network with a second network.

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