Xin Li, Mohammed Samaka, H. Anthony Chan, Deval Bhamare, Lav Gupta,Chengcheng Guo1, and Raj Jain, "Network Slicing for 5G: Challenges and Opportunities," IEEE Internet Computing, Vol. 21, Issue 5, September 18, 2017, pp. 20-27, ISSN: 1089-7801, DOI: 10.1109/MIC.2017.3481355


Network slicing for 5G is receiving significant attention from the telecommunications industry as a means to provide network as a service (NaaS) for different use cases. Network slicing is a technology which allows network operators to build multiple virtual networks on a shared infrastructure. With network slicing, service providers can deploy their applications and services flexibly and quickly to accommodate specific requirements of diverse services such as augmented reality, online games, e-health and others. As an emerging technology with a number of advantages, network slicing has raised many issues for the industry and academia alike. In this article, we discuss the background and related work in network slicing and propose a framework for 5G network slicing. Finally, we discuss the challenges of network slicing and future research directions.

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