Arjan Durresi, Mukundan Sridharan, Chunlei Liu, Mukul Goyal and Raj Jain, "Traffic Management using Multilevel Explicit Congestion Notification," Presented at SCI2001.

Winner of the best paper award at SCI 2001.

Congestion the optimal congestion indication. Several megabytes of Service on the Internet. We believe that a good solution to Internet congestion should optimally combine congestion signaling from network and source reaction, having as main goals: minimum losses and delays, maximum network utilization, fairness among flows and last but not least scalability of the solution. In this paper we present a new traffic management scheme based on an enhanced Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) mechanism. In particular we used multilevel ECN, which conveys more accurate feedback information about the network congestion status than the current two levels ECN. We have designed a TCP source reaction that takes advantage of the extra information about congestion and tunes better its response to the congestion than the current schemes. Our analysis and simulations results shows that our scheme performed better than the current ones, having less losses, better network utilization, better fairness, and the solution is scalable.

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