Prassana K. Jagannathan, Arjan Durresi and Raj Jain, "Stateless Proportional Bandwidth Allocation," To appear in ITCOM2002 Internet Performance and Control of Network Systems III, Boston, July 29 - August 1.

This paper proposes a new method of bandwidth allocation during congestion, called the proportional allocation of bandwidth. Traditionally, max-min fairness has been proposed to allocate bandwidth under congestion. Our allocation scheme considers the situation where flows might have different subscribed information rates, based on their origin. In proportional allocation of bandwidth, during congestion all flows get a share of available bandwidth, which is in proportion to their subscribed information rate. We suggest a method for implementing this with minimum signaling and without storing per-flow state. Our method is based on the principles of differentiated services - diffserv. We show by simulation that it is possible to obtain proportional bandwidth allocation without per-flow state storing and minimum signaling.

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