Subharthi Paul, Raj Jain, Jianli Pan, "An Identifier/Locator Split Architecture for Exploring Path Diversity through Site Multi-homing - A Hybrid Host-Network Cooperative Approach," Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2010), Cape Town, South Africa, May 23-27, 2010, ISSN: 1550-3607, ISBN:978-1-4244-6402-9, INSPEC:11411979, DOI: 10.1109/ICC.2010.5502631


In this paper, we take a fresh look at stub-site multihoming within the paradigms of an identifier/locator split architecture. More specifically, we investigate the possibility of enabling multi-homed stub network sites to improve the performance of their end-to-end TCP flows by leveraging the path diversity of the underlying network. We design a host-network co-operative mechanism for end-to-end flow path switching based on reliable transport layer protocol "hints" indicating probable path problems. Our evaluations of actual Internet routing data strongly suggest significant degree of path diversity across path switches available to multihomed stub networks, even within the restricted precincts of inter-domain policy routing. Additionally, we also address the problems of global routing scalability and inbound traffic engineering control as pertaining to stub-site multi-homing.

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