R. Muralidharan and R. Jain, "MIN: An Interactive Educational Program for Function Minimization," Technical Report No. 658, Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass, December 1975, 53 pp.


MIN is an interactive computer program package for function minimization. It provides building blocks with which a user can construct a program to solve his problem. Moreover, it is an eucational tool which helps users "learn" what is happening by interacting with the program while it is executing, by testing out his intuition, by switching algorithms between iterations, etc. Currently MIN provides a choice of four search direction algorithms (Davidson Fletcher Powell method, Parallel Tangent Method, Fletcher Reeve's Conjugate Gradient Method, and Gradient Method) and five line search algorithms (Golden Section, False Position, High Order, Fibbonacci and DSC-Powell Search). Also, it provides several stopping criterion, different output formats, and proper intput checking facilities. The package has been written in BASIC language implemented on WANG 2200 computers.

Complete Report in Adobe Acrobat format.

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