Tara Salman, Raj Jain, "A Survey of Protocols and Standards for Internet of Things," Advanced Computing and Communications, Vol. 1, No. 1, March 2017.


The rapid growth in technology and internet connected devices has enabled Internet of Things (IoT) to be one of the important fields in computing. Standards, technologies and platforms targeting IoT ecosystem are being developed at a very fast pace. IoT enables things to communicate and coordinate decisions for many different types of applications including healthcare, home automation, disaster recovery, and industry automation. It is expected to expand to even more applications in the future. This paper surveys several standards by IEEE, IETF and ITU that enable technologies enabling the rapid growth of IoT. These standards include communications, routing, network and session layer protocols that are being developed to meet IoT requirements. The discussion also includes management and security protocols in addition to the current challenges in IoT which gives insights into the current research to solve such challenges.

See the final paper at http://acc.digital/a-survey-of-protocols-and-standards-for-internet-of-things-10/
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