Arjan Durresi, Prassana K. Jagannathan, and Raj Jain, "Scalable Proportional Allocation of Bandwidth in IP Satellite Networks," To appear in IEEE Aerospace Conference 2003, Big Sky, MT, March 8-15, 2003.

Proposed satellite constellation networks, based on Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites, Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) systems, will be required to transport IP traffic and to provide quality of service (QoS). This paper proposes a new Diffserv-based scheme of IP bandwidth allocation during congestion, called proportional allocation of bandwidth (PAB). PAB can be used in GEO, MEO and LEO satellite networks. In PAB, during congestion all flows get a share of IP available bandwidth, which is in proportion to their subscribed information rate. We suggest a method for implementing PAB without storing per-flow state, which makes the scheme scalable and simple. We show by simulation the advantages of using PAB in IP satellite networks.

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