Subharthi Paul, Jianli Pan, and Raj Jain, "Architectures for the Future Networks and the Next Generation Internet: A Survey," Computer Communications, UK, Volume 34, Issue 1, 15 January 2011, Pages 2-42, ISSN: 01403664.


Networking research funding agencies in USA, Europe, Japan, and other countries are encouraging research on revolutionary networking architectures that may or may not be bound by the restrictions of the current TCP/IP based Internet. We present a comprehensive survey of such research projects and activities. The topics covered include various testbeds for experimentations for new architectures, new security mechanisms, content delivery mechanisms, management and control frameworks, service architectures, and routing mechanisms. Delay/Disruption tolerant networks which allow communications even when complete end-to-end path is not available are also discussed.

WUSTL Technical Report on the same topic.

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