Subharthi Paul, Raj Jain, Jianli Pan, "A Future Internet Architecture Based on De-conflated Identities," Proceedings of IEEE Globecom 2010, Miami, FL, December 6-10, 2010, ISSN:1930-529x, ISBN:978-1-4244-5637-6, INSPEC:11743661, DOI: 10.1109/GLOCOM.2010.5683385


We present a new Internet architecture based on de-conflated identities (ADI) that explicitly establishes the separation of ownership of hosts from the underlying infrastructure connectivity. A direct impact of this de-conflated Internet architecture is the ability to express organizational policies separately and thus more naturally, from the underlying infrastructure routing policies. Host or organizational accountability is separated from the infrastructure accountability, laying the foundations of a cleaner security and policy enforcement framework. Also, it addresses the present Internet routing problems of mobility, multihoming, and traffic engineering more naturally by making a clear distinction of host and infrastructure responsibilities and thus defining these functions as a set of primitives governed by individual policies. In this paper, we instantiate the primitive mechanisms related to the issues of end-to-end policy enforcements, mobility, multihoming, traffic engineering, etc., within the context of our architecture to emphasize the relevance of a de-conflated Internet architecture on these functions.

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