R. Jain, "A Timeout Based Congestion Control Scheme for Window Flow- Controlled Networks", IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications, Vol. SAC-4, No. 7, October 1986, pp. 1162-1167. Reprinted in C. Partridge, Ed., "Innovations in Internetworking," Artech House, Norwood, MA 1988.

During overload, most networks drop packets due to buffer unavailability. The resulting timeouts at the source provide an implicit mechanism to convey congestion signals from the network to the source. On a timeout, a source should not only retransmit the lost packet, but it should also reduce its load on the network. Based on this realization, we have developed a simple congestion control scheme using the acknowledgment timeouts as indications of packet loss and congestion. This scheme does not require any new message formats, therefore, it can be used in any network with window flow control, e.g., ARPAnet or ISO.

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