Subharthi Paul, Raj Jain, and Jianli Pan, "Multi-Tier Diversified Architecture for the Next Generation Internet," Annual International Conference on Cloud Computing and Virtualization (CCV 2010), Singapore, May 17-18, 2010.


We propose a next generation Internet architecture that will allow natural sharing of resources among multiple organizations by dynamically reconfiguring and creating a virtual network for a particular application. Our architecture called "Internet 3.0" consists of a 3-tier object model. The bottom tier consists of a high-speed network infrastructure owned by multiple ISPs. The second tier consists of hosts owned by different organizations such as DoE, DARPA, Amazon, etc. The third tier consists of users and data objects. This is a three tiered virtualization model as compared to single tier virtualization being discussed in NSF's GENI and FIND communities. This three tiered virtualization model allows users to quickly setup a virtual cloud for any application. The users and data can easily move among the host clouds that themselves move on the infrastructure cloud. The users, data, hosts, and infrastructures are owned by different organizations that have their own policies for sharing and isolation. Also the multi-tiered virtualization concept allows each tier to recursively provide richer and more diversified set of core services to the tier above it.

Complete paper in Adobe Acrobat format.

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