P. Zhang, A. Durresi, R. Jain, "Cloud Aided Internet Mobility," IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), June 2013, ISSN:1550-3607, DOI:10.1109/ICC.2013.6655127, pp. 3688-3693.


The Internet is becoming increasingly mobile. Although several mobility solutions are proposed, none of them has been largely deployed. We propose a new system that can facilitate and support mobility on the Internet. The new mobility support service will be offered as a value-added service by mobility service providers to paying mobile customers. Therefore, the proposed solution is economically viable. We propose to design our mobility management system on cloud computing. Furthermore, we explore the architectural tradeoffs among QoS, economic viability, security and privacy of various cloud aided designs. Our simulation results show how various system architectures could be used to satisfy different requirements.

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