APPLICATION DEPLOYMENT IN FUTURE GLOBAL MULTI-CLOUD ENVIRONMEN Presented at The 16th Annual Global Information Technology Management Association (GITMA) World Conference, Saint Louis, MO, June 23, 2015


OpenADN is a next generation application deployment and delivery platform for easily creating, managing and controlling massively distributed and very dynamic application deployments that may span multiple datacenters. OpenADN automates the whole control and management stack of application deployment and delivery over a software defined infrastructure (SDI) and allows application architects to define logical workflows consisting of application servers, message-level middleboxes, packet-level middleboxes and network services (both, local and wide-area) composed over application-level routing policies. It also provides the abstraction of an application cloud that allows the application to dynamically (and automatically) expand and shrink its distributed footprint across multiple geographically distributed datacenters operated by different cloud providers. The solution is also applicable to various application service providers (ASPs) and businesses, such as, banking, financial, and other sectors that need to use globally distributed multi-cloud resources. It has been estimated that 74% of the cloud customers use more than one cloud [2]. in a WAN Multi-Cloud environment

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