A. Durresi, V. Paruchuri, L. Barolli, Raj Jain, "Air to Air Communication Protocol," in Proceedings of 27th IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, MT, March 4-11, 2006


We present Air to Air Communication (AAC)1,2, a wireless protocol designed for communication among airplanes as well as airplanes and control centers. AAC enables the broadcast of emergency and surveillance information such as realtime video over the network even in presence of adverse conditions such as coordinated terrorist attacks. AAC is very robust. AAC minimizes the number of retransmissions and therefore reduce the collisions, which could considerably delay transmissions and disrupt the communications during emergency situations. AAC performs very well in highly dynamic ad hoc networks of airplane. AAC has the potential to significantly enhance the security of the homeland by closely monitoring the airplane which, if hijacked by terrorists or criminals, could be used as weapons. We have evaluated AAC through analysis and ns-2 simulations

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