RSVP Extensions for Optical UNI Signaling
OIF Contribution OIF2000.286, November 7, 2000


This draft defines a signaling mechanism based on RSVP-TE ([2]) to support an Optical User Network Interface (UNI). This effort is in part driven by work in the OIF as well as the recent draft on signaling requirements for the optical UNI ([3]), and is consistent with recent work on Generalized MPLS (see [4], [5], [6], and [7]) in IETF. The main function of this draft is to identify the relevant mechanisms in RSVP-TE (including further extensions) to satisfy functional requirements for an Optical UNI. This draft reflects ongoing work at the Optical Interworking Forum (OIF), however, not all of the concepts/requirements have been approved by the OIF.

Complete Contribution in Adobe Acrobat format (30 pages, 64,853 bytes)

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