Address Resolution Proposal
OIF Contribution OIF2000.261, November 7, 2000


This contribution proposes an address resolution method to associate addresses in the client space with those in the optical network. The proposed approach emphasizes the use of client addresses for lightpath destinations, rather than termination points in the optical network. This proposal:
- Supports the overlay network model, where the address resolution is performed by the optical network
- Supports multiple client address types (IPv4, E.164, others)
- Maintains a separate address space between the client and optical network
- Allows the client to signal a lightpath request using either the destination client address or the optical network termination point
- Proposes semantics for the addressing, and uses the notion of a logical address for termination points
- Supports address registration either inside or outside the neighbor discovery process
- Considers issues of address space uniqueness and address distribution methods within the optical network

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