User Network Interface (UNI) 1.0 Signaling Specification
OIF Contribution OIF2000.125.6, September 4, 2001


The scope of this agreement is to define the set of services, the signaling protocols used to invoke the services, the mechanisms used to transport signaling messages and the auto-discovery procedures that aid signaling, all of which are to be implemented by client and transport network equipment vendors to support UNI 1.0. This document is scoped to allow an early implementation based on reusing existing signaling protocols and auto-discovery mechanisms, along with current and newly available technologies and capabilities in vendor equipment. It should be noted that only signaling for service invocation is within the scope of UNI 1.0. Routing, reachability and address resolution protocols are outside the scope. Also, the UNI 1.0 specification focuses on SONET/SDH connection services. This implementation agreement is not intended to restrict additions of further capabilities in future versions of the UNI.

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