"LDP Extensions for Optical User Network Interface(UNI) Signaling,"IETF draft-aboulmagd-mpls-ldp-optical-uni-00.txt, July 2000, 10 pp.

LDP Extensions for Optical User Network Interface (O-UNI) Signaling General requirements for signaling across the Optical UNI (O-UNI) are discussed in [1]. This draft describes extensions to the LDP protocol [2] to support those requirements. The LDP extensions described here address two areas:

- The addition of new TLVs to support the attributes required for lightpath establishment at the O-UNI

- Two new LDP messages to allow for the exchange of lightpath status information across the UNI.

The content of this draft is expected to evolve as work progresses on the optical UNI. This draft is a work in progress.

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