"Signaling Requirements at the Optical UNI,"IETF draft-bala-mpls-optical-uni-signaling-01.txt, May 20, 2001, 32 pp.

This draft considers the optical network service model referred to as the "domain services" model [1]. Under this model, the optical network provides a set of well-defined services to clients (IP and others). The signaling and routing interface between the client and optical networks is referred to as the User-Network Interface (UNI). This draft describes the services provided over the UNI, and the requirements on any signaling protocol used to invoke the services.

This draft reflects ongoing work at the Optical Interworking Forum (OIF) on the optical UNI (similar work is being carried out by the Optical Domain Services Interconnect (ODSI) coalition [2]). The relevance of this draft to the IETF is two-fold. First, for the signaling portion of the optical UNI, extensions of two MPLS signaling protocols are presently under consideration in the OIF: RSVP with TE extensions and LDP. The objective of this draft is to guide the adaptation of these protocols for UNI signaling. Second, to harmonize the signaling of UNI originated lightpath requests and peer model lightpath establishment mechanisms [1], alignment between OIF and IETF lightpath parameters and signaling functionality is desirable. This draft aims to serve this purpose. The content of this draft is expected to evolve as work progresses on the optical UNI.

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