Routing Architecture for the Next Generation Internet (RANGI)

A presentation to Routing Research Group (RRG) at Internet Research Task Force Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, November 21, 2008.


There are two parts of this presentation:

1. Long term view: Here we want to talk about our Internet 3.0 ideas coming from GENI/FIND type of clean slate research. The key concept we want to emphasize in this part is the organizational representation in the current Internet. This leads to several security and policy issues. The first such issues appeared in the form of infrastructure ownership (service provider domains) in late 80s and resulted in BGP routing and subsequent issues that are still keeping RRG busy. The ownership issues are now moving to hosts, humans, and data being which could belong to different organizations. This results in a three tier virtualization of the Internet. Routing in this environment would be quite different and sub-optimal in the same way as BGP routing is due to clouds in the infrastructure layer. The key issues that decide the route are policies of the cloud owners. Path cost as modeled in traditional networking are secondary.

2. Short Term View: Given the infrastructure clouds of today, we have the problems of inter-domain routing, which is becoming complex and unscalable. RRG has already identified the problems of Routing Scalability, Traffic Engineering, Mobility, Multihoming, Renumbering, Decoupling Location and Identification, Routing Quality, Routing Security, and Incremental Deployability. A number of solutions have been proposed, such as, LISP-ALT, LISP-NERD, APT, IVIP, TRRP, CRIO, SIX/One routers, HIP, Shim6, I3, and Hi3. Most of these solutions address one or other problem. We are developing solutions that try to address all these aspects and more. In this part of the talk we will give a brief overview of this approach.

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