O. Aboul-Magd, Sandra Ballare, Ewart Tempest, Raj Jain, LiangYu Jia, Bala Rajagopalan, Robert Rennison, Yangguang Xu, Zhensheng Zhang, "LDP Extensions for Optical User Network Interface (O-UNI) Signaling," IETF MPLS Working Group Draft, draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-optical-uni-01.txt, July 2001, 27 pp.


In OTNs using overlay model, clients request network services through a user network interface (UNI). This draft describes LDP necessary extensions for signaling support across the optical UNI (O-UNI). LDP extensions are those needed to satisfy the main functions supported at the O-UNI. Those functions are: connection create, connection delete, connection modify, and connection status enquiry.

Complete draft in Adobe Acrobat format.

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