Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the handouts for the class?

The handouts are available at

Although, we may post the handouts much ahead of the class time, we may have to make changes to slides later. Generally, we make hardcopies of the handouts for class distribution about 30 minutes before the class. We also post the handouts on the web at the same time. So it is best to download/recheck the handouts close to the class time. While rechecking, use the reload button on your browser to avoid getting old info from your browser cache.

How can I ask questions

Email your questions to The emails are monitored and questions will be answered live.

Why did the transmission stopped in the middle?

Any network problem on your side or ours or any where in between can cause the transmission to stop. Please try reconnecting and send email to

I cannot see part of the slides.

Make sure that your display screen size is 800X600 or larger. Both the video and the slides cannot fit on 640X480 or smaller screens.

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