CSE591: Introduction to Graduate Study in CSE (Fall 2018)

Course Description:
Introduces students to the different areas of research conducted in the department. Provides an introduction to research skills, including literature review, problem formulation, presentation, and research ethics. Lecture and discussion are supplemented by exercises in the different research areas and in critical reading, idea generation, and proposal writing. Prerequisites: standing as a doctoral student in CSE, or permission of the instructor.

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor

Instructor: Prof. Raj Jain, jain@wustl.edu
Office: Jolley 208
Office Hours: By Appointment

Location: The class meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:30PM to 1:00PM in Lopata 103.

When you have come to an understanding with a faculty member to form a research advising relationship, complete the Lab Affiliation Form and have your advisor return it to Sharon Matlock in the CSE department office.

Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change)

8/27/2018Class OverviewRaj Jain
8/29/2018WUSTL Library FacilitiesLauren Todd
9/5/2018Visualization of Tomorrow (7 MB)Alvitta Ottley
9/10/2018How to be a Successful Researcher?Raj Jain
Homework 3
9/12/2018Networking, Security, Internet of Things, Blockchains, and DronesRaj Jain
9/17/2018Image Reconstruction and Deep Learning for ImagingMark Anastasio
9/19/2018Computer Vision and Computational PhotographyAyan Chakrabarti
9/24/2018Learning abductive reasoningBrendan Juba
9/26/2018Machine Learning with Humans in the Loop (14 MB)Chien-Ju Ho
10/1/2018SIMD Parallelism for Bioinformatics and BeyondJeremy Buhler
10/3/2018Attack and Defense in the Cyber-Physical WorldNing Zhang
10/8/2018Variability in Operating Systems (14 MB)Brian Kocoloski
10/10/2018Protein-DNA interactions (4 MB)Gary Stormo
10/17/2018Software and System Support for Parallel ProgrammingAngelina Lee
10/22/2018Active Learning in Brain Science (88 MB)Dennis Barbour
10/24/2018Computer GraphicsTao Ju
10/29/2018Active Discovery in Big Data (6 MB)Roman Garnett
10/31/2018Allocating Scarce Societal Resources Based on Predictions of OutcomesSanmay Das
11/5/2018Adversarial Machine LearningEugene Vorobeychik
11/7/2018Fast Image Registration and Statistical Shape AnalysisMiaomiao Zhang
11/12/2018No Lecture
11/14/2018Computational Imaging (40 MB)Ulugbek Kamilov
11/19/2018Making the Cloud A Better Fit for Real-Time ApplicationsRoch Guerin
11/26/2018No Class
11/28/2018UltrasoundWilliam D Richard
12/3/2018EntrepreneurshipRoger Chamberlain
12/5/2018TBDKunal Agrawal

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