Location Management in Wireless Data Networks

Fahd A. Batayneh


Location Management (LM) has become a diverse and broad field for research, and Location Based Services (LBS) are the "Application Layer" of LM. Research areas for LM include LM in Wireless Networks, Ad-hoc networks, WiFi, 802.15, WiMax, and mostly; cellular networks. The integration of IP (especially IPv6) into LM is the hottest topic of today. This survey paper tends to introduce the reader to the latest research on LM in Wireless Data Networks and explore the various technologies under research and construction.


Location Management, Wireless Data Networks, Location-Based Services, Location Tracking, Updating, Registration, Location Finding, Paging, Wireless Networks, Wireless Ad-hoc Networks, MANETs, WiFi, 802.11, Bluetooth, IP, IPv6

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Location Based Services
  3. Location Tracking and Updating (Registration)
  4. Location Finding (Paging)
  5. General Issues in LM
  6. LM in Wireless Networks
  7. LM in Wireless Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
  8. LM in WiFi (802.11)
  9. LM in Bluetooth
  10. LM and IP
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