An Analysis of the Design and Implementation of
QoS over IEEE 802.16

Mark C. Wood


This paper gives an overview of the QoS mechanisms built into the IEEE 802.16 standard (also known by the name of its vendor interoperability organization, WiMAX). The PHY and MAC layers of 802.16 are described in detail with regards to their QoS aspects. And the relations and interactions of these QoS mechanisms are described to give an understanding of how QoS can be achieved over 802.16. This paper will also provide some factors that make 802.16 distinct in its QoS methods. A comparison of the QoS mechanisms in competing technologies (i.e. 802.11, 3G) will be given. Also, this paper will explore some of the current research being done with 802.16 on developing its QoS performance.

Keywords: IEEE 802.16, WiMAX, QoS, BWA, WMAN, WirelessMAN, multimedia networking

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