Enabling Network Mobility: A Survey of NEMO

Paul Moceri paul.moceri@gmail.com


The growing use of IP devices in portable applications has created the demand for mobility support for entire networks of IP devices. Network Mobility (NEMO) solves this problem by extending Mobile IP. Devices on a mobile network are unaware of their network's mobility; however, they are provided with uninterrupted Internet access even when the network changes its attachment point to the Internet. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has already created a set of NEMO protocols to provide basic NEMO functionality on both IPv4 and IPv6 and continues to work with other projects to develop advanced performance and functionality enhancing features. The first set of NEMO implementations are available on several platforms including BSD variants, Linux, and Cisco Systems routing equipment.


Network Mobility, NEMO, Mobile IP, MIPv4, MIPv6, Mobile Networks, Mobility, Survey, Multihoming, Route Optimization

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