Survey of IEEE802.21 Media Independent Handover Services

Jared Stein


This survey reports on the IEEE 802.21 Draft Standard which provides services that assist in handover between two 802 networks or an 802 network and a non-802 network.

See also: Fast Mobile IP (FMIP), Hierarchical Mobile IP (HMIP), Detecting Network Attachments (DNA)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Architecture
	2.1. Handover
	2.2. Services
	2.3. Communication Models
3. Media Independent Handover (MIH) Function
	3.1 Media Independent Event Services (MIES)
	3.2 Media Independent Command Services (MICS)
	3.3 Media Independent Information Services (MIIS)
4. Reference Models
	4.1 IEEE 802.3
	4.2 IEEE 802.11
	4.3 IEEE 802.16
	4.4 3GPP/3GPP2
5. Service Access Points (SAPs)
	5.1 MIH_SAP
6. MIH Protocol
	6.1 Frame Format
	6.2 Messages
7. Industry
	7.1 Implementations
	7.2 Companies
8. Conclusions
   List of Acronyms

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