List of Project Topics

  1. A Survey of Network Traffic Models
  2. A Survey of Queueing Analysis Packages
  3. A Survey of Simulation Packages
  4. A Survey of Processor Workloads
  5. A Survey of Performance Analysis Tools
  6. A survey of Network Performance monitoring Tools
  7. A Survey of Operating Sytems/Process Monitoring Tools
  8. A Survey of Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis tools
  9. Operating Systems (Unix/Linux/Windows) Performance Tools
  10. Performance Analysis of xxx (Commonly used performance metrics, Workloads, Sample/Actual Analysis, Examples of Use/Misuse of Analysis techniques and plots)
    1. Performance of Communication Middleware
    2. Performance of Real time systems
    3. Performance of Web caching
    4. ...
  11. Case Study: Performance Analysis of xxx

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