A Survey of Performance Analysis Tools

Patrick Wood, pwood@wustl.edu 


In this paper, we present a survey of various tools that can be used to aid in performance analysis of computer software programs.  We present and discuss different techniques in emerging performance analysis tools as well as provide examples of each type of method. For example, we will cover simple techniques such as timer routines with manual instrumentation to statistical profiling tools and more advanced dynamic instrumentation techniques, in which code can be monitored and changed on the fly.  Additionally, a brief comparison of the tools will be presented with some tradeoff considerations.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Brief History
3. Performance Analysis Objectives
4. Timers
5. Profiling Tools
    5.1 gprof
    5.2 SGI Pixie
    5.3 CLR Profiler
    5.4 Profiling Tools Summary
6. Instrumentation Methods
    6.1 ATOM
    6.2 PIN
    6.3 DynInst
    6.4 Instrumentation Methods Summary
7. Conclusion
8. Acronyms
9. References

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