Survey on Performance Evaluation Techniques for Medium Access Control Protocols

Ritun Patney,

Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols, in data networks, are responsible for arbitrating access to a shared medium. This survey paper looks into the techniques and metrics used for evaluating these protocols. The most common performance metrics are delay and throughput, though in certain cases, like sensor networks, power consumption might also be an important metric. The paper focuses on three kinds of evaluation techniques: analytical modeling, simulation and practical experiments. The most common technique seems to be analytical modeling. We discuss the methodologies used in some of the papers from the literature.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
    1.1 Open Systems Interconnection Model
2. Medium Access Control
    2.1 Aloha
    2.2 CSMA
    2.3 CSMA/CD
    2.4 CSMA/CA
        2.4.1 Hidden Node Problem
    2.5 IEEE 802.11
    2.6 MAC for sensor networks
    2.7 IEEE 802.16
3. Analytical Modeling Techniques of MAC Protocols
4. Simulation Studies
5. Experimentation Studies
6. Conclusion

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