CSE473S: Introduction to Computer Networks (Fall 2011)

Course Description:
A broad overview of computer networking. Topics include layered models of networking protocols, basics of physical layer, data link layer, flow control, error control; local area networks, e.g., Ethernet; wireless networks, IEEE 802.11 (WiFi), cellular wireless networks; Internet protocols, transport protocols, routing algorithms; network security, network management, ATM networks and protocols for networking applications, such as world-wide web, email and file transfer.

Prerequisite: CSE 131 (Computer Science I) or permission of the instructor (Note: CSE 241 as indicated in the course catalog is not required.)

Textbook: J. F. Kurose and K. W. Ross, "Computer Networks: A Top-Down Approach," 5th Edition, Addison-Wesley, 2009, ISBN: 0136079679.

Instructor: Prof. Raj Jain, jain@cse.wustl.edu, Office: Bryan 523, Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 11:00AM-12:00noon (By appointment)

Teaching Assistants: NameRoomEmailOffice Hours
Minjie ZhengBryan 516mzheng22@wustl.eduThursday/Saturday 1-2:30PM (by appointment)
Bangxi (Brandon) YuBryan 516bangxiyu@wustl.eduFriday/Sunday 1:30-2:30PM (by appointment)
Daniel McCownBryan 516dpm3@cec.wustl.eduBy Appointment

Location: The class meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 2:30PM to 4:00PM in Lopata Room 101.

All questions about ONL Labs shoule be directred to Daniel McCown.

All question about the homeworks and mid-term exams 1 and 2 grading should be directed to Bangxi Yu and Minjie Zheng.

Audio/Video recordings of lectures from the last offering of this course are available on-line.

Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change)
1Wednesday8/31/2011 Course Overview
Internet: Core and Edge, History (Part 1)1
Monday9/5/2011 Labor Day Holiday
2Wednesday9/7/2011 Internet: Core and Edge, History (Part 2)1
3Monday9/12/2011 Internet: Core and Edge, History (Part 3)1
4Wednesday9/14/2011 Application Layer (Part 1): HTTP, FTP2
5Monday9/19/2011 Application Layer (Part 2): SMTP, DNS 2
6Wednesday9/21/2011 Application Layer (Part 3): P2P2
Transport Layer (Part 1): Design Issues3
7Monday9/26/2011 Transport Layer (Part 2): TCP3
8Wednesday9/28/2011 Transport Layer (Part 3): UDP3
9Monday10/3/2011 Mid-Term Exam 1
10Wednesday10/5/2011 Exam 1 Review3
11Monday10/10/2011 Transport Layer (Part 4): TCP Congestion Control3
12Wednesday10/12/2011 Network Layer (Part 1):IP44
13Monday10/17/2011 Network Layer (Part 2): ICMP, IPv64
14Wednesday10/19/2011 Network Layer (Part 3): Routing Algorithms4
15Monday10/24/2011 Intro to Open Networking Lab | Lab 1 Description | lab1.exp (right click and save target/link as)-
16Wednesday10/26/2011 Network Layer (Part 4): Routing Algorithms (Cont) 4
17Monday10/31/2011 Network Layer (Part 5): Internet Routing Protocols: OSPF, RIP, BGP4
The Link Layer and LANs (Part 1): Link Layer Functions5
18Wednesday11/2/2011 The Link Layer and LANs (Part 2): CSMA/CD5
19Monday11/7/2011 Mid-Term Exam 2
20Wednesday11/9/2011 Exam 2 Review
The Link Layer and LANs (Part 3): Ethernet5
Lab 2 Description, lab2.exp (right click and save target/link as)
21Monday11/14/2011 The Link Layer and LANs (Part 4): VLANs5
Lab 3 Description | lab3udp.exp | lab3tcp.exp (right click and save link/target as)
22Wednesday11/16/2011 The Link Layer and LANs (Part 5): PPP and MPLS5
Wireless and Mobile Networks (Part 1): CDMA6
23Monday11/21/2011 Wireless and Mobile Networks (Part 2): WiFi6
Multimedia Networking7
Wednesday11/23/2011 Thanksgiving Holiday
24Monday11/28/2011 Security in Computer Networks:Cryptography8
25Wednesday11/30/2011 Network Management9
26Monday12/5/2011 No Class
27Wednesday12/7/2011 Final Exam

Mid-Term Exams (Best of 2)30%
Final Exam30%
Class participation5%

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