Voice over IP: Products, Services and Issues

Vinodkrishnan Kulathumani, vinodkri@cse.ohio-state.edu


Once you are aware of the benefits and applications of Voice over IP, it is too good to resist. Perhaps that is why vendors are flooding the market with VOIP products and services.  The following paper analyzes the various issues in the evolving VOIP technology and the challenges in the development of VOIP products. It then presents the features of few VOIP Products offered by the leaders in this field, how well they handle the issues and some services currently available.
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1. Introduction
    1.1 Benefits of the Technology
    1.2 New applications
2. Identification of Major System Components
    2.1 Gateways
    2.2 Gatekeepers
    2.3 IP Telephones
    2.4 PC based Software Phones
3. VOIP Product Development Issues
    3.1 Voice Quality
    3.2 Bandwidth Constraint
    3.3 Transparency to the user
    3.4 TCP/UDP Issue
    3.5 Deployment of Gateway: Trunk Contention Ratio
    3.6 Security
    3.7 Accounting/Billing
4. Market Products
    4.1 Gateways
   4.2 Gatekeepers
    4.3 IP Telephones
    4.4 PC based Software Phones
    4.5 Motorola vanguard 6560 access Device
    4.6 Lucent Technologies Softswitch
5.VOIP Services
    5.1 PC to phone Services
    5.2 PC to PC Services
    5.3 Phone to Phone Services
    5.4 Network Services
    5.5 Service for the Service providers
Appendix A - List of Gateway vendors
Appendix B - List of Group Conference Software Vendors
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