Recent Advances in Networking 1999: Course Description

Fall 1999


Latest developments in computer networking and telecommunications are covered in this course via class lectures and assigned readings. Generally topics include developments in the past three years. Students are judged on the basis of exams and a research project report. This course is taught only once every two years.

Objectives:Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to understand the latest issues and proposed solutions in networking. This course will help prepare students towards a research career in networking.

Detailed Contents:

Potential topics to be covered in the course include:

The students are required to select a topic and write a report summarizing the issue. The reports will be in HTML suitable for posting on the web.

Prerequisite: CIS 677 (Computer Networking)


Supplemental Material: Assigned Reading from literature

Credit: 03

Grading Plan:
Exams 40%
Home Works 15%
Project Report 35%
Class Participation 10%

Call Number: 18631-7

Days/Time: TR 5:00PM - 6:18PM(Please note new timings)

Room/Bldg: Baker 120

Instructor: Professor Raj Jain, DL 297, 292-3989,


1. All class lectures will be broadcast liveon the Internet.

2. Class handouts and video recordings for Fall 1999 are available on-line:

3. Class handouts and reports for summer 1997 are available on-line:

4. Reports done in Summer 95 are still actively referenced by people from all over the world and are also available on-line:

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