Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS)

Vinod Tipparaju , tipparajuv@hotmail.com


This is a survey paper on LMDS. With a introduction on LMDS and then a discussion on fixed wireless networks, this paper looks into different ways fixed wireless communication can be achieved and then gives a brief description on the various broadbands available for communication. It also discusses technical and design issues involved with LMDS.
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
    1.1 Using the Fixed wireless technology
    1.2 The advantages of using the Fixed wireless technology for LAN
    1.3 Different methods available for fixed wireless communication
2.0 Usage of Broadband signal for fixed wireless LANs
    2.1 Issues
    2.2The different omni directional High speed access broadbands.
3.0 LMDS the technology for fixed Wireless LANs
    3.1 Emergence of LMDS and its specifications.
    3.2 DVB Specifications
    3.3 DAVIC Specifications
4.0 LMDS technical and design issues.
    4.1 Architectural options
    4.2 Receiver design.
    4.3 Various options in access methodologies.
    4.4 Network planning
        4.4.1 Cell design issues
        4.4.2 Frequency planning
        4.4.3Reuse schemes
        4.4.4 Modulation schemes
5.0 Conclusion
6.0 References
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