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This is a directory of ATM products, including ATM switch, ATM router, ATM DSU, ATM Multiplexer and ATM concentrater. Suggestions and comments are welcome.

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A device (like a DMS-250 or a PBX) that responds to originator signals and dynamically connects the caller to the desired communication destination. ATM switch incorporates two layers: Physical layer and ATM layer. Generally, it should support ATM Forum Standard ABR, CBR, VBR and UBR services . ATM switch supports UNI or NNI or BICI or the combinations of these three interfaces.

For the congestion control, flow control and policing are needed. It also includes buffer management to ensure fair resource utilization between connections. Cell streams with CLP (cell loss priority) in ATM header equal to one may be optionally discarded before CLP equal to zero cell streams.

Connection Admission Control (CAC) uses profiles associate with an Network Management System (NMS) defined set of performance parameters and its static and dynamic knowledge of the ATM Layer switching fabric to minimize congestion on a per call basis for ATM Forum standard UBR, CBR, VBR and ABR sources. ATM Layer traffic and performance data are collected to monitor and to ensure end-to-end QoS guarantees are maintained.

3Com Corporation

SuperStack II Switch ATM OC-3c Module

SuperStack II Switches


VIRATAswitth 1000

VIRATAswitch 7000

Bay Networks (Nortel Networks)

Centillion 100 Switching System

Cabletron System, Inc.

SmartCell ZX-250 ATM Switch Family

IGX 8 ATM Switch

CTI Datacom Inc

Digital Equipment Corporation

First Virtual Corp.

First Virtual V-Switch

FORE System, Inc.(Marconi)

ForeRunnerLETM 155 ATM Workgroup Switch

ForeRunnerTM ASX-200BX and ASX-1000 ATM Backbone Switches

General DataComm Inc.


APEX-DV2 Switch

Hitachi Internetworking

Hitachi Advanced Node (AN) 1000

Hitachi Telecom (USA), Inc.

AMS 5000

IBM Corporation

IBM 2230 Nways ATM Switch Models 600 and 650

IBM 8285 Nways ATM Workgroup Switch

Madge Networks

Collage 250/280 Workgroup ATM Switch

Collage 530

Collage 540

Collage 740


Newbridge Networks, Inc. (Alcatel)

MainStreetXpress: 36170 Core Services Switch

MainStreetXpress: 36190


Magellan Concorde

Telematics International


NCX TS2000

Xylan Corporation(now part of Alcatel)

OmniSwitch -5e and -9e Chassis

ASM-155FS-1 and ASM-155FS-2 Switching Modules



A device that connects LAN segments to other LANs or WANs. Routers operate at the network OSI layer 3 and transmit data that needs to cross network boundaries. Contrast with bridge. Router is a system that controls message distribution between multiple optional paths in a nework. Routers use routing protocols to gain information about the network, routing metrics and algorithms to select the "best route".


A LAN internetworking device that filters and passes data between LANs based on Layer 2 (MAC layer) information. Bridges do not use any routing algorithms.

The following router/bridge integrate ATM with other LAN or WAN technologies. They are using Multiprotocol encapsulation over ATM and ATM LAN Emulation (LANE). With ATM Data Exchange Interface (DXI), these routers can support ATM UNI.

3Com Corporation

NETBuilder II High-Performance Bridge/Router

Formerly Bay Networks, now Nortel Networks

Access Stack Node

BayStack Advanced Remote Node

Node/Backbone Concentrator Node

Cisco System, Inc.

Cisco 7500 Series

Cisco 7200 Series

CrossComm Inc.

XLT-F - LAN to ATM Edge Router

Digital Equipment Corporation

Fast Comm Communication

F9200 WEB.router

IBM Corporation

IBM 2210 Nways Multiprotocol Router

IBM 2218 Nways Frame Relay Access Device

IBM 8281 Nways ATM LAN Bridge

Novell, Inc.

NetWare� MultiProtocol Router�


Data Service Unit/Channel Service Unit. A communications device that connects an in-house line to an external digital circuit (e.g. T1). The DSU converts data into the required format, while the CSU terminates the line, provides signal regeneration and remote testing.


Figure 1ATM DSU

As Figure 1 show us, ATM DSU interface internetworking equipment (router, etc.) to an ATM switching network. It supports ATM DXI and UNI.

3Com Corporation

AccessBuilder 6200 Broadband Access Multiplexer (see Mutiplexer)

ADC Kentrox

DataSMART 554/558


Digital Transmission Systems, Inc.

FlexT1 Intelligent ESF T1 ACT-2 DSU/CSU ACT-3 CSU


Access T

Orion 56/T1

RAD Data Communication Ltd.


Verilink Corporation

AS100 Single Port CSU/DSU AS150 Drop-and-Insert Single Port CSU/DSU

AS56 56/64k CSU/DSU AS56Plus Multirate CSU/DSU

Multiplexer - MUX

A device that combines 2 or more signals into a single composite data stream for transmission on a single channel. For example, an M1-3 MUX combines 28 DS-1s into a DS-3.

The ATM Multiplexer sends data through an ATM data network to Internet Service Providers or other network providers and incorporates the interface to ATM router or switch.

3Com Corporation

AccessBuilder 6100 T1/E1 Inverse Multiplexers

AccessBuilder 6200 Broadband Access Multiplexer

ADC Kentrox


Cisco System Inc.

Video Codecs and Multiplexers

This equipment converts video and audio streams to digital information and thencompresses them into a flow of ATM cells. These cells are fed into an ATM network for transport to the destination where they decompressed and converted back into video and audio. Where multiple video streams must be compressed and converted, an optional multiplexer can aggregate them for input to a single port on an ATM switch. This technology is used in applications including distance learning, medical imaging, telemedicine, broadband video distribution, and remote arraignment.

FORE System, Inc.

CellPathTM 90/90E ATM T1 WAN Multiplexer


General DataComm Inc

TMS-3000 (Transport Management System)



Mega-T 241


NEC Electronics

NETNEX� 8110 & 8111 T1 ATM CLAD MUX



DMT-300 Fiber Multiplexer

FMT-150 Fiber Multiplexer

ATM Concentrator

ATM Concentrators provide ATM access concentration from multiple customers(e.g. workstation, PBX) and services(e.g. T1/E1). They enable voice, video, and data services over a single ATM network infrastructure. ATM Concentrator support ATM UNI.

ADC Kentrox



IBM Corporation

IBM 8282 Nways ATM Concentrator

Netro Corporation (SR Telecom)

AirMAN 3000 wireless ATM Access Concentrator

Telematics International


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