IP: The Next Generation

Written by Scott Phillips.
This page is a general overview of the IPng protocol.

Table of Contents

  1. What is IPng? A quick overview of what IPng is and why it is being developed.
  2. IPng goals and development Some background on the issues involved in the IPng design.
    1. Problems with IPv4.
    2. Transition from IPv4 to IPng.
      1. Simple Internet Transition (SIT).
  3. Specification Click here to see an overview of the IPng specification.
    1. Addressing
    2. Routing
    3. Headers and Options
      1. IPng header format
    4. Flow Control
    5. Security
  4. Who is doing it?Click here to see a list of the folks that are actually doing the work.
  5. References See the words of those who have gone before. . .

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