CIS 677: Introduction to Computer Networking - Course Description

Description: Data communications, network architectures, communication protocols, data link control, medium access control; introduction to local area networks metropolitan area networks and wide area networks; introduction to Internet and TCP/IP.

Course Objectives:. Upon completing the course, the student will:

- be familiar with the basics of data communication;

- be familiar with various types of computer networks;

- have experience in designing communication protocols;

- be exposed to the TCP/IP protocol suite.

Credits: 3

Prerequisites:Physics 112 or 132, CIS 360 and 459.21

Texts:W. Stallings, Data and Computer Communications, Fourth Edition, Macmillan Publishing, 1994.

Sequence of Topics:

1. (1 week) Introduction (Chapter 1)

2. (2 weeks) Data Communication (Chapters 24)

- Basics of Data Transmission

- Basics of Data Encoding

- Digital Data Communication Techniques:

Asynchronous and Synchronous Transmission

Error Detection and Correction Codes

Physical Interfaces (RS232, RS422, etc.)

3. (2 weeks) Data Link Control (Chapter 5)

- Protocol Principleseeks) Data Link Control (Chapter 5)

- Protocol Principles (Error Control, Flow Control)

- BitOriented and CharacterOriented Protocols

- Data Link Layer Services

4. (2 weeks) Packet Switching and WideArea Networks (Chapter 8)

- Virtual Circuits and Datagrams

- X.25

- Introduction to Routing and Traffic Control

5. (2 weeks) Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (Chapter 9)

- LAN/MAN Technology

- Topologies

- Medium Access Protocols. (CSMA/CD, Token Bus, Token Ring, FDDI, DQDB)

6. (1 week) Introduction to Internet and TCP/IP (Section 10.3, handout)

- The Internet

- The TCP/IP Protocol Suite

Grading Plan:

-Homework and Labs 30%

-Midterm Exam 30%

-Final Exam 40%

Laboratory assignment: Students will design and implement part of the data link layer

Programming language: C

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