M. Hassan and R. Jain, "High Performance TCP/IP Networking: Concepts, Issues, and Solutions,"Prentice-Hall, 2003, ISBN:0130646342, ISBN:0131272578 (International Ed), 416 pp.

Cover "Anyone interested in improving Internet performance, particularly with regard to TCP, should get a copy of this book! It is a tour de force examination of TCP performance. The authors correctly conclude that TCP performance is strongly influenced by implementation choices and operational contexts."
- Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, SVP Technology Strategy, MCI
(Co-inventor of the Internet and TCP/IP protocols)

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From the Back Cover:
Written by best selling author, Raj Jain, and his authoritative co-author, this book features leading edge issues and solutions for high performance TCP/IP networking, this easy-to-read book provides a one-stop-shop for coverage of the many changes to the TCP protocol over the last two decades and all important research results. Professionals can keep themselves up-to-date with advances in this area and learn many potential performance problems and solutions for running TCP/IP in the emerging networking environment. An international expert in the field captures state of the art topics in each chapter in the five-part organization. Part I introduces the scope of the book, Part II provides detailed coverage of the tools and techniques for performance evaluation of TCP/IP networks, Part III examines the performance concepts and issues for running TCP/IP in the emerging network environment, Part IV discusses congestion control, and Part V explores the performance issues in implementing TCP/IP in the end system. For network engineers, R&D managers, research scientists, and network administrators.

Other Comments on the Book:

"It is the first of its kind. It covers rather completely the use of TCP in Different network settings."
-Professor Lixia Zhang, UCLA

"I will find the book very useful for any graduate course on networking. Curently there is no source text book which would cover such a broad and comprehensive set of networking environments for TCP/IP including the most advanced "cutting edge" environments such as satelite and wireless. Additionally, the book provides much needed methodological breadth from simulaton and theoretical studies to the practical detail. I particularly like focus on hands on projects and the case study. I am sure it will be widely used in clasrooms all over the world."
-Professor Tomasz Imielinski, Rutgers University

"TCP/IP is a cornerstone of all networking today and researchers all over the world have spent significant efforts to fine tune this protocol suite. The book 'High Performance TCP/IP Networking' provides a very thorough description and insight into the state-of-the-art in this field. The book starts with a description of TCP/IP basics, and slowly builds on appropriate models, explains interesting performance aspects observed in simulations, and concludes with both software and hardware based implementations. It also discusses the various relevant advances in emerging networking systems, including mobile and wireless networks, satellite networks, etc. The authors have done an amazing job in collecting very diverse developments in TCP/IP networking and presenting them in a very organized fashion. This makes the book very suitable to serve as a text in a graduate level networking courses. In fact, I believe that this book is an useful resource for all networking practitioners, including administrators, researchers, professionals, and students."
- Professor Suman Banerjee, U of Wisconsin Madison.

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