Sonia Fahmy and Raj Jain, "Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)," in Handbook of emerging communications technologies : the next decade edited by Rafael Osso, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, ISBN: 0849395941, August 1999, pp. 1-28


A tutorial chapter on RSVP. It covers the following topics
1.1 Introduction
1.2 What is RSVP?
1.2.1 Components of an RSVP-Capable Router
1.2.2 RSVP Design Goals
1.3 RSVP Features
1.3.1 Receiver-initiated Setup
1.3.2 Packet Classification and Scheduling
1.3.3 Soft State
1.3.4 RSVP Reservation Styles
1.4 RSVP Messages
1.4.1 Message Formats and Message Processing PATH Message RESV Message Confirmation Messages Error Messages Teardown Messages
1.4.2 State Data
1.4.3 Message Routing
1.4.4 Message Merging
1.5 RSVP Interfaces
1.6 RSVP Management
1.7 RSVP Security
1.8 Use of RSVP with Integrated Services
1.8.1 Integrated Services Guaranteed Quality of Service Controlled Load Service
1.8.2 Using RSVP to Set up Reservations for Integrated Services
1.9 Support of RSVP by Link Layers
1.9.1 ATM Networks
1.9.2 IEEE 802 Networks
1.10 RSVP Interoperability
1.11 Open Issues and Current Work
1.11.1 Aggregation and Differentiated Services
1.11.2 Policy Control
1.11.3 Routing and Label Switching
1.11.4 Diagnostics

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