The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis: Reviews

``The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis is an extraordinary book. It has a practical, problem-oriented style which appeals immediately to engineers engaged in real-world design and analysis. At the same time, the author does not shy away from exploring the mathematics behind the rules of thumb and insights he puts into `boxes' like gold in a treasure chest. The author, a practicing engineer, writes in a clear and convincing style---one is persuaded that the problems and principles found in Jain's book are the result of real experience and not academic speculation. A worthy addition to the bookshelf of any practicing computer or communications engineer.''

Vinton G. Cerf
Vice-president, Corp. for Nat. Res. Initiatives

``At last, a welcome and needed text for computer professionals who require practical, ready-to-apply techniques for performance analysis. Jain has blended the pragmatic with the analytical approach to produce a usable methodology which he presents in a clear and highly motivated style, full of practical examples and case studies. He takes you through workload characterization, capacity planning, analytical tools, statistics, experimental design and simulation in a well-balanced presentation. Highly recommended!''

Professor Leonard Kleinrock
Best Selling Author of Queueing Systems
University of California, Los Angeles

``An entirely refreshing text which has just the right mixture of theory and real world practice. The book is ideal for both classroom instruction and self study. Dr. Jain has performed a great service to the communications community in writing this book.''

Professor Raymond L. Pickholtz
President, IEEE Communications Society
The George Washington University

``An extraordinarily comprehensive treatment of both theoretical and practical issues. This book has something interesting to say about every topic of major importance in computer performance analysis.''

Dr. Jeffrey P. BuzenInternationonally Known Performance Expert
Vice President, BGS Systems, Inc.

``This is a book with clear industrial motivation. It carries out a thorough introduction to applicable methodology of computer system analysis, including Measurement Techniques and Tools, Probability and Statistical Methods, Experimental Design and Analysis, Simulation, and Queueing Models.

It is certainly a very useful compendium for the practitioner in the field of computer system evaluation. The book also begins with a critique of the different methods and with practical hints. As such it is the most thorough book available to date.

What may be sometimes lacking is appropriate bibliographical references, and a more in-depth exposition of each of the methods being proposed. However this would lengthen the book considerably, going beyond the size which would reasonably be accepted for a single volume. The author must be commended for a truly useful contribution to the area.''

Professor Erol Gelenbe
Universite Rene Descartes, Paris
Author of several performance analysis books

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