Subharthi Paul, Raj Jain, Jay Iyer, and Dave Oran, "Mobile Apps on Global Clouds Using OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking," in Network Innovation through OpenFlow and SDN: Principles and Design, Edited by Fei Hu published by CRC Press, February 2014, ISBN: 1466572094.


We present the design of a new session-layer abstraction called open application delivery networking (OpenADN) that will allow ISPs to offer services similar with Google WAN to smaller ASPs. ASPs can express and enforce application-traffic management policies and application delivery constraints to ISPs. It allows ASPs to achieve all the application delivery services that they use today in private data centers (mentioned above) in the global multicloud environment. Using OpenADN aware data plane entities, any new ASP can quickly set up its service by using ADN services provided by ISPs.

Complete paper in Adobe Acrobat format.

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